About Jim Klein

Jim Klein has been an active member of the independent film movement since the early 1970s. He is a founder of the pioneering film distribution co-operative New Day Films and active in the filmmaker organizations that shaped the field. With partner, Julia Reichert, he created such innovative documentaries as Growing Up Female, the first documentary about women from a feminist perspective, which was selected for the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress; Academy Award nominee Union Maids, one of the first oral history films; and Academy Award nominee Seeing Red, a challenging film about American communists. His films Letter to the Next Generation and Taken for a Ride both had national broadcasts on . . .  »read more

Films by Jim Klein

Jim Klein’s pioneering documentary films have garnered two Academy Award nominations, national PBS broadcasts, screenings and awards at top tier festivals, reviews in the New York Times, Village Voice, Time Magazine, Ms. Magazine and scores of other national periodicals and academic journals, and can be found in the permanent collections of hundreds of university libraries.